About Us

Mission Statement

The Community Alliance for the Homeless leads effective community practices to end homelessness in Memphis and Shelby County, TN.


The Community Alliance for the Homeless was formed in February, 2010 from the merger of Partners for the Homeless (Partners) and the Greater Memphis Inter-Agency Coalition for the Homeless (GMICH).The organization is a private, non-profit entity that provides planning, technical assistance, and service coordination to public and private agencies working to end homelessness in Memphis and Shelby County. The Community Alliance is funded with support from the City of Memphis, Shelby County, and private foundations including the Assisi Foundation, and the Community Foundation.

Partners, originally known as the Homeless Resource Coordinating Council, was established in 1995 and assumed responsibility in 1996 for preparation and submission of the local Continuum of Care application process, the mechanism required by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to draw down funding for homeless services (except for emergency shelter). The Greater Memphis Interagency Coalition for the Homeless was founded in 1988 as a community-wide collaborative made up of over 150 participants, including homeless service providers, public and private, community and faith-based organizations.

In 2009, through a Continuum of Care strategic planning process, a merger between these two agencies was recommended. Both had worked collaboratively and community wide for many years with government and providers to reduce and prevent homelessness but neither provided direct services. Combining them administratively was a logical step after years of providing complementary services.

The Community Alliance for the Homeless links planners, providers, data, and resources to develop an effective and outcomes-driven system for ending homelessness.